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Diana E. Greene

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Author and Speaker Diana Greene, MA has been speaking to the hearts of individuals since 1985. Her passion is to encourage individuals to grow in their relationship with God. She believes by growing in our relationship with God we, as individuals, are able to walk through life’s challenges with hope and live with unconditional love [...]

Mission & Vision

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MISSION “Bridging the hearts of men and women to the heart of God by rekindling Hope.” VISION Diana Greene Ministries, LLC seeks to: Provide individuals with the tools needed to identify the four expressions of anger which ignite resentment, disappointment, indignation and discouragement. Assist individuals in discovering and naming their feelings, their top five personal [...]



My passion to teach others the love of God started the summer I taught three year olds at Vacation Bible School. Economic times were stressful and we were struggling to make ends meet. As I taught the children, “Jesus loves you,” I realized I didn’t believe it for myself. My unbelief and anger had affected [...]


“Diana Greene is an amazing lady. She has been gifted with discovering the recipe for rich relationships. Anyone can follow the directions Diana has created to learn more about themselves and taste a life filled with hope and love.

As a married mother of five young children, I have often been frustrated and impatient. Diana’s teaching has helped me to change my outlook on life. She combines different disciplines and spiritual concepts that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. I have learned so much by taking her Undivided Heart classes.

The Scriptures came alive for me, especially the truth that God is in control. Now I really live to seek justice, love, mercy and walk humbly with God.”

Amber M. Guillen

“Through scripture Diana taught us how to move from fear to courage, from confusion to peace, from a feeling of being unloved to acceptance, from hopelessness and depression to joy and fulfillment. I was able to identify the lies I believed and begin renewing my mind with the truth of God’s Word. I strongly recommend the Undivided Heart seminars. It will change your life as it has changed mine.”

Barbara Baker, Mother, Grandmother, Office Worker, Pastor’s Wife

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    Have you ever worked on a challenging project?  A project that required you to learn something new, to be docile, alert, persistent, and humble. Even though the challenge is difficult you hang in there. You conquer it! Just in time for another undertaking. I have worked on such projects. Although I sometimes feel inadequate, exposed, [...]

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    What can you buy these days for $10? A good book, a quick lunch, maybe a round of golf, a couple gallons of milk, a dress or a shirt at the end of the season?  Or outstanding training at Western Seminary, Portland. That’s right! Western’s online Center for Leadership Development offers affordable training and resources [...]

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    Do you love the spring time of the year with its longer days and shorter nights? It’s an artist’s haven of blooming color. Birds are up early, the squirrels are playing hide and seek, the geese are bathing in our stream out back and the deer are walking in fields of daisies. My neighbor’s apple [...]

  • Book Review by Marlene Anderson

    Recently, Marlene Anderson of Focus with Marlene reviewed my book, Undivided Heart. Here are a couple of excerpts from her review: “While full of information that each of us needs and can use, it is written in a simple style, easy to follow and understand.” “Every life story has those moments of hurt and pain [...]

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    6th Annual NW Book Festival!

    Diana Greene will be at the 6th Annual NW Book Festival! Saturday, July 26, 2014 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, OR (corner of SW Morrison and SW Sixth Avenue) Diana will be joining authors from all over the Northwest in selling and signing their most recent books at this year’s NorthWest [...]


    As I sat in church, listening to a missionary from India, I asked the Lord, Why am I here? What does this man have to say to me? The Lord answers me: Listen to what he is saying. Do you hear him? I turned my focus to his story: His grandparents had a calling to [...]

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    Going Christmas shopping with my mother has become a pre-Christmas treat. This year we both decided to look for a new pair of boots. After trying on several pairs, the salesman who was helping us went to the storage area to retrieve boots for my mother. I could not decide if I liked the fit [...]

  • Note to Selah 2012 Conference Goers

    Did you purchase Undivided Heart Book One and/or Book Two? Your pass code to download charts can be found on page 153 of Book One and page 137 of Book Two. Look for the heading ORDERING INFORMATION. The Charts are tools that you will use over and over again to help you navigate through the [...]

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    Where is the Water?, my newest book,  introduces you to a life of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. I show you through my own life how God reveals himself to ordinary people going about their ordinary daily life. I invite you to see with new eyes and hear with new ears that God is [...]