Diana E. Greene

Author and Speaker

Diana Greene, MA has been speaking to the hearts of individuals since 1985. Her passion is to encourage individuals to grow in their relationship with God. She believes by growing in our relationship with God we, as individuals, are able to walk through life’s challenges with hope and live with unconditional love for others.

Diana has a masters degree in Specialized Ministry from Western Seminary located in Portland, Oregon. She combines practical psychological tools and the Beatitudes spoken by Christ in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 5 to help individuals bring about lasting change as they walk in the fruits of the Spirit.

Diana currently trains individuals through the Undivided Heart process which she developed over a thirty year period and can be found in her recent books titled: Undivided Heart, Book One and Book Two. This process has proven helpful for people to gain understanding of God’s direction for their lives. See Testimonies

Personal History:

Diana’s enthusiasm for personally enveloping herself in God’s Word began in 1970 when she gave her life to Christ. She enhanced her understanding through Bible Study Fellowship and then began teaching others the love of God. She combined her training in sociology, psychology and child development with her education in Biblical studies in order to develop a curriculum for a position as an adjunct faculty member in several community colleges.

Diana’s passion to learn and to teach led her to seminary. Upon graduation, she took a three year sabbatical in order to organize over thirty years of personal research. Through extensive prayer and dialogue with her editor, Diana developed the concepts and process found in her books: Undivided Heart, Book One and Book Two, which equips others to walk a fulfilled life in Christ.

Diana and her husband, John, have two grown sons, a daughter-in-law and one granddaughter. They live in a rural area near Portland, OR.