My passion to teach others the love of God started the summer I taught three year olds at Vacation Bible School. Economic times were stressful and we were struggling to make ends meet. As I taught the children, “Jesus loves you,” I realized I didn’t believe it for myself.

My unbelief and anger had affected my heart toward God. That summer I learned how to accept the grace of forgiveness and learned that God had a plan for my life. I realized if I would listen and obey him, God would lead me toward my life purpose. As my prayer life deepened, I fell in love with God. I then wanted to encourage others who were walking through stressful times in their lives that he cares, he loves them.

Learning to pray and spend time alone with God opened my ears and eyes. My new awareness helped me develop a curriculum for adults that I taught at community colleges. When the Lord called me to seminary, I knew I would be combining my seminary training with my previous teaching curriculum.

After graduation I wrote both books of Undivided Heart. Countless hours were spent in prayer, writing and rewriting as Marcia, my editor, and I listened to each other and to the Lord. The books seemed to write themselves as we created a powerful assessment tool combining the concepts of psychology and Christ’s eight Beatitudes. The truth that we can live out the fruits of the Spirit began to come alive. It was a very exciting process!

As I taught Undivided Heart classes and provided one on one spiritual direction, women told me how the material got to the center of their struggles with the Lord. They told me how it helped them gain insight into their own blind spots of themselves and their relationship with God and others. These women became aware of God’s daily interactions in their lives. They all grew closer to him. In fact, others asked them, “What’s happening to you?” See Testimonies

The Undivided Heart process brings about new perspectives, spiritual growth, deepened relationships and an intimate love for God. Currently, I am also writing a Living Parable Series which you can access through my blog.