Undivided Heart – Book One

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“A professor’s greatest joy comes when an idea is planted in a student’s mind and it takes root, flowering into beauty. Diana Greene has done that in Undivided Heart.”

Gerry Breshears, PhD (Bio)
Professor of Theology
Western Seminary
Portland, OR
Co-Author of Death by Love (Details)


You can have renewed hope and uncover the five values that guide your decisions for action. Undivided Heart – Book One provides tools to help you identify your struggles, values and beliefs. Diana gives insight into the four basic lies that spark emotions and influence your behavior. She helps you examine your current beliefs and the beliefs in the family in which you were raised. You unlock the truths found in Christ’s eight Beatitudes and recapture the four emotions of humility that move you to walk in the fruits of the Spirit. This book is in a soft cover and is spiral bound.

“Diana has written an excellent in-depth study beneficial to all who work through the materials. Undivided Heart is founded on biblical principles as well as psychological and relational insight. I would encourage individuals to complete this study as they will find it constructive for healing and growth.” Dr. Norm Thiesen, PhD (Bio), Professor of Pastoral Counseling at Western Seminary

Diana Greene Ministries, LLC is a Christian-based ministry that seeks to help individuals identify their struggles, values, needs and beliefs. It assists people in forging stronger relationships with themselves, others and God.

Undivided Heart Books One and Two give a step by step process of healing that incorporates biblical teaching and modern psychology. Diana offers twelve seminars that encompass Books One and Two.

A leaders training is available for those who desire to teach the Undivided Heart process. The leaders training includes the Undivided Heart Leader’s Manual, dynamic teaching techniques, step by step lesson plans, an electronic version of charts, example visual aides and a PowerPoint presentation.

Diana also offers spiritual formation/direction to those who want to deepen their relationship with God.

With your purchase of Undivided Heart – Book One you will also receive the full set of Charts 1-19.
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Charts 1-19 are designed to teach you how to:

  • Uncover the stories of your life that steal your joy
  • Release the four negative emotions that have you trapped in anger
  • Discover your top five values in order to reach your goals
  • Combat the four basic lies with the truth
  • Embrace change by dwelling in the fruits of the Spirit

If you purchased the book at a seminar or any other method than the online store, and have your download password, click here to download the charts.