Winter Has Passed

Winter Has passed

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“If you want inspiration, watch the Hallmark Channel. If you want your life with the Lord transformed, renewed, and enriched, then feast on these stories. But be warned: like the parables of Jesus, they are layered and subversive. They will cause you to look at yourself and your relationship with the Lord again and again, peeling off layers and becoming vulnerable to the work of His Spirit.”

Gerry Breshears, PhD.
Professor of Theology, Western Seminary, Portland, OR

Winter Has Passed

“In this second book of Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary series, Diana explores instances she had to choose not only to listen, but also to surrender to the way God wanted to answer prayers. Winter Has Passed depicts common experiences from the workplace, the home, and even a doctor’s office. In these stories Diana honestly shares when she struggled to believe, argued with God, and most importantly when she chose to obey, even when it did not make sense.” Amanda Greene, Editor in Chief, Winter Has Passed

“Diana helps remind us through wit and wisdom that when our world is whirling out of control, we have a God who not only is in control, but also loves us. He loves us so much that we can enter His chambers for a personal audience with Him through prayer. It is in His presence that He reveals to us that our lives are not about us, but about Him working through us, touching lives for His kingdom.”

Rev. Leslie D. Nelson
Exec. Director/Founder, Heart of the Savior Ministries, Inc.
KPDQ TrueTalk Radio 800 AM – Talk Show Host