Hour Teas, Lunch or Half a Day Seminar

The following seminar topics are designed for an hour tea, lunch or half a day seminar.
They also expand and combine to form a one night or two night retreat.

Claiming an Extraordinary Life

Identify the stories of your life that cause you stress.  Discover the four negative emotions that have you trapped. Name your top five values. Gain a new perspective that leads to an extraordinary life.

The Four Lies Women Believe

Release the lies that keep you stuck in unresolved negative emotions. Combat lies with the truth. Embrace change by dwelling in the Holy Spirit.

Unlocking Family Beliefs

Examine your current beliefs and the beliefs in the family in which you were raised. Unlock the spiritual truths found in Christ’s eight Beatitudes. Resolve to live a reborn life. Learn what it means to renew your mind.

Recapturing Spontaneity

Take action.  Live a more joy filled life. Learn how the four graces of humility give power to your life. Experience an undivided heart.

The Three Secrets to Better Communication

Come to understand how to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Tune into the five levels of communication. Learn to read body language. Strengthen your relationships by improving your communication skills.




All day, one night or two night retreats.  Focus is growing in faith. Retreats are interactive and include time alone to pray. One on one spiritual direction is available.

Stepping Out in Faith

Have you been ignoring opportunities to grow in your faith? Is God calling you to come out of your comfort zone? Diana shares from her book Where is the Water? how your life experiences hold the key to unlock insights into new spiritual growth.

Growing in Prayer

The stressors in your life bring opportunities to grow in prayer.  Are you taking advantage of those opportunities?  Diana reveals the secrets of living life with eyes that see and ears that hear. She invites you to reflect on “who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” She shares insights from her book Where is the Water?.

Follow Your Dream

Do you have a passion, a dream that won’t let you go?  Are you at a loss as to how to make it happen? Diana shows you how to follow your dream despite opposition. She gives you insight into yourself and the four roadblocks you use to crush your dreams.




The following retreats require a two night stay and include four to five sessions. Retreats are interactive and include time alone to pray.  One on one spiritual direction is included.

These retreats are challenging and life changing.

Coming to Forgiveness

Coming to the grace of forgiveness brings renewed hope, faith, peace, love and joy. You discover a God who cares and loves you unconditionally. He knows the desires of your heart and works to bring you refreshed and strengthened in him. You are not alone. He is ready to respond to your needs with the power of his Spirit. As you learn the faithfulness of God, he renews your heart with his love.

Falling in Love with God

Falling in love with anyone requires an ability to be intimate.  Without a commitment of time, resources and a willingness to be vulnerable the relationship becomes a recipe for mediocrity. God’s love letters, Scripture, challenge you to be faithful to deepen your relationship not just with words, but action. The challenge is to live with an undivided heart, to live a life fully committed, to the one who was willing to lay down his life for you.

Courageous and Joyful Living

Adventure awaits you!  You can be bold and courageous once you grasp God’s vision.   His plan requires that you trust him as you overcome the four conditions that hinder your ability to fulfill his dreams. You have the ability to live an extra—ordinary life. The choice to act is yours! This seminar will teach you how to live your faith in the market place.




Diana teaches from her book, Undivided Heart, Book One and Book Two.  Each semester class is broken into six, two hour sessions, scheduled bi-weekly.  Seminars are interactive and life changing.

Undivided Heart Book One

Seminars include Step One through Step Seven.  The focus is Bridging My Relationship with Myself.  Participants identify the stressors of their life and chart their stories using tools designed to reveal positive and negative emotions, positive values and their basic needs.  Students discover the lies they tell themselves and how to combat lies with the truth.  They uncover the family beliefs in which they were raised and discover which of those beliefs they no longer regard.  They come to understand the depth of Christ’s teaching and how transformation is not a philosophy, but a way of life. Each student makes a commitment to surrender to unconditional love.

Undivided Heart Book Two

Seminars include Step Eight through Step Twelve.  The focus is Bridging my Relationship with Others and with God. Participants learn to communicate their wants and needs.  They discover how to read body language, identify the five levels of communication and resolve interpersonal conflicts.  They practice maintaining their boundaries and surrendering to the four graces of humility. They discover anew Christ’s eight Beatitudes.  They become single minded in their pursuit of God and practice the eight actions of an undivided heart.