“Diana Greene is an amazing lady. She has been gifted with discovering the recipe for rich relationships. Anyone can follow the directions Diana has created to learn more about themselves and taste a life filled with hope and love.

As a married mother of five young children, I have often been frustrated and impatient. Diana’s teaching has helped me to change my outlook on life. She combines different disciplines and spiritual concepts that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. I have learned so much by taking her Undivided Heart classes.

The Scriptures came alive for me, especially the truth that God is in control. Now I really live to seek justice, love, mercy and walk humbly with God.”

Amber M. Guillen

“Through scripture Diana taught us how to move from fear to courage, from confusion to peace, from a feeling of being unloved to acceptance, from hopelessness and depression to joy and fulfillment. I was able to identify the lies I believed and begin renewing my mind with the truth of God’s Word. I strongly recommend the Undivided Heart seminars. It will change your life as it has changed mine.”

Barbara Baker, Mother, Grandmother, Office Worker, Pastor’s Wife

“I feel I have a stronger relationship with God. I am able to experience him in my life in more situations. I feel Diana has given me tools to use that help me to see things from a different and more positive perspective. I have felt a total change in my heart. I am glad God has put Diana into my life. I no longer think of our meeting as a coincidence. It was an act of God.”
Janelle Klampe, Administrative Assistant, law office, Bend, OR

“God has used Diana in a powerful way in my life to lead me through the swirling waters of transitions into a deeper and more profound walk with him. Diana has a unique combination of gifts. She has the ability to hear and listen to God’s voice as she’s counseling women. She asks questions that help dig into the root of a problem, rather than just the surface issues. She also has seminary training which enables her to guide women through crisis. I truly do not know where I’d be in my walk with the Lord if God had not brought her into my life. I can whole heartedly recommend Diana to any woman who is in a season of change in her life – whether it is spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical change. God has prepared Diana to be His mouthpiece to His children who long to be in closer intimacy with Him.”
Julie Hardisty, Attorney at Law, Pleasant Hill, CA

Undivided Heart has been the missing puzzle piece in my activity of daily living. By consistently using a simple process of identifying thoughts, feelings and lies, I’m breaking down my personal barriers in God’s path for me, as well as learning to live in God’s state of light, instead of fear and darkness. During the class, the integration of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exercises revealed deficits in these four areas, and then highlighted corrective actions for eliminating problem behaviors. The result has been a simple, yet comprehensive procedure to process daily life events in reference to God’s personal relational plan. Diana’s unique insight into women’s processing has served as an effective, personal guide through my own blind spots, and into an awareness of connection with God’s constant movement and direction in my own daily interactions.”
Claire Cunningham, BS, Speech Pathologist Assistant, Roseburg, OR

I’ve been working with Diana using her advice and her book, Undivided Heart, for a couple of months. It has completely changed my life. Through her experiences and relationship with God, she has taught me so many tools to use in my every day life. I went from a negative frame of mind for a very long time, to being almost a whole different person. God brought Diana into my life when I really was at the end of my rope and didn’t know what to do anymore. Now I know that I need to hand my life over to God, and let Him lead the way. I never would’ve been able to do that without her direction. I’m so grateful to call her my teacher and my friend. I tell everyone who will listen about this book, because if it can make a difference in my life, it can make a difference in anyone’s life!
Denise LaMarsh, Administrative Assistant, Molalla, OR