Undivided Heart, Book One

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Undivided Heart

Do you want a stronger relationship with God? Do you wonder why you think or behave the way you do? Are you ready to resolve conflict that plagues your relationship(s)? Undivided Heart is a two-part workbook series that assists individuals in: identifying, naming, owning, and resolving conflicts, leading to stronger relationships. After completing the Undivided Heart workbooks, participants have a greater understanding of themselves, better communication with God, and can maintain stronger relationships with others. This transformational spiritual journey can be completed through: spiritual transformation, independent study, or group classes.

Spiritual Formation

Feeling confused, hopeless, fearful, or unloved? Talk with someone who can help you discern what divides your mind, heart, and spirit. Learn how to gain clarity, hope, peace, and confidence that you are loved.

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Are you hungry to hear God’s gentle voice? Travel with Diana through her ordinary days that become spiritually stretching experiences. Identify with her fears, frustrations, joys, and tears as she weaves a dialogue of mystery and surrender. These short stories are great for group study, personal devotions, and make a perfect gift for any occasion.


Looking for an engaging speaker for your next event? Diana’s enthusiastic story-telling will have you laughing and looking for the tissue box, as she honestly shares about her personal spiritual growth. In over twenty-five years, Diana’s dynamic and interactive speaking style has encouraged others to become aware of God’s movement and communication in their daily lives. Conferences, workshops, classes, and other speaking engagements are based on Diana’s two book series: Undivided Heart, Book One and Two; and Extraordinary in the Ordinary series.

Defining Moment: Ya! But…

“Every time you make a choice you are turning the central part of you...into something a little different from what it was before.” C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity Divided Heart Recently, I have had a divided heart. A choice that becomes a defining moment. I value my...

Self Care: Loving Yourself IS Loving Others

Edited by Amanda L. Greene Sitting in the coffee shop, I check my watch for the third time in ten minutes. I check my phone for messages: no report. Why had my appointment not shown? Recalling a previous conversation on the telephone, I heard the need in the voice to...

You’re Dreamin’ Girl

With the New Year, I reflect on a song I wrote in 1986: You’re Dreamin’ Girl Chorus: You’re dreamin’ girl, you got your head in the clouds, You won’t make it so you’d better come down. They say, you’re dreamin’ girl you got your head in the clouds, You won’t make it...

A professor’s greatest joy comes when an idea is planted in a student’s mind and it takes root, flowering into beauty. Diana Greene has done that in Undivided Heart.

Dr. Gerry Breshears, PhD

Professor of Theology at Western Seminary, Co-Author of Death by Love

Diana has written an excellent in-depth study beneficial to all who work through the materials. Undivided Heart is founded on biblical principles as well as psychological and relational insight. I would encourage individuals to complete this study as they will find it constructive for healing and growth.

Dr. Norm Thiesen, PhD

Professor of Pastoral Counseling at Western Seminary

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