“What are we up to?” There is so much to tell you. So, we have decided we will be writing a monthly blog, to keep you up to date on Diana Greene Ministries (DGM) happenings.

We will let you know what the Lord is doing through us, and what prayer requests we have. We will also let you know about upcoming conferences, training, books, and of course sales you won’t want to miss.

What is new with DGM?

To start with, as you can tell, we are working with a newly overhauled website design. There are still a few changes to work out, but we are hoping the new layout and descriptions will make it easier for everyone to access the ministry.

When the ministry started over ten years ago, there was one person…Diana Greene. Now after many hours of prayer, the Lord is providing a growing team! It is wonderful to have others to bounce ideas off, bringing new energy and creativity to the ministry. Working together for conferences, training, and sales makes our projects so much more fun.

In addition to a growing team, DGM is now partnering with other ministries in the Northwest.  We support each other by sharing ideas, expertise, and information.

We will introduce the DGM team as well as several of these partner ministries in coming months.

Currently, Diana is leading an Undivided Heart, Book One training in Molalla and a Book Two training in Eagle Creek, Oregon. Using tangible visual aids, dynamic stories, and interactive participation this training introduces the concepts found in the workbooks. Participants meet for two to three hours once a month.

It is exciting to see so many people use the tools and skills learned through Undivided Heart, Book One and Two to attain personal growth in their relationships and prayer time.

During the week, Diana meets with individuals for spiritual direction, going through Undivided Heart and providing personal inner (spiritual) healing.

Our most recent conference, “Responding to God’s Voice in Your Ordinary Day”, was at River Christian Church in Stevenson, WA this past fall. DGM not only had a conference and sales team there, but we brought a Prayer Team with us as well. During free time, we were able to provide individual prayer time for women from ten different churches.

We sold many books at the booth and received compliments on our transparency and organization as a team. The women enjoyed Diana’s honesty and her stories about ordinary days where God showed up in extraordinary ways.

What are we currently working on?

Amanda Greene, our editor and volunteer manager, and Diana are working on a Leader’s Manual and Guide for Undivided Heart, Book One. The Leader’s Manual provides step-by-step instructions for a certified and trained leader to lead others through the Undivided Heart training. Those who have finished all twelve steps and have attended a Leader’s Training will be ready to lead using this new manual. Included with the Manual is a Leader’s Guide that contains printable materials and resources for leaders.

We are looking forward to trying these books out in Diana’s upcoming trainings.

There has been a growing interest in more from our Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary series. We are currently working on new items for our EO series to hopefully be ready in time for spring 2019 conferences.

Prayer Requests

Here are a few things you can be praying about:

  • Finishing the Leader’s Manual and Guide for Undivided Heart, Book One.
  • Inspiration and organization for the new Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary stories and material.
  • Those in the current Undivided Heart training, and for Diana as she leads them.
  • Those who are doing Spiritual Direction with Diana.

Thank you for being interested in what we are doing for the Lord. We appreciate your ongoing prayers. Remember to check back once a month for information about upcoming events, new sales, and stories of what God is doing through DGM.