“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23

Do you know what it means to “guard your heart”? If you guard your heart too much, you cut yourself off from others. If too little, you end up hurt and separated from others again. Talking to someone can help you find balance. Because sometimes we need help navigating the raw emotions flooding our minds, making it difficult to think straight.

In September, I began a partnership with Kathy Kingma, Director of PrayerGuard, a ministry of Foothills Community Church, Molalla, OR.

When I first met Kathi, she was training to be a leader in a healing ministry; walking people through forgiveness for themselves, others and God. This ministry helps one identify and heal from traumatic life events, bringing new hope, courage, and peace.

Kathi and I recognized our ministries fit well together. So we met to discuss a ministry partnership, the vision: to bring people to a fulfilling, healthy relationship with God.

Kathi put a formal manual together, gathered a team, and secured a place to meet with clients. In this healing process, one of us leads the session while the other takes notes to give to the client at the end.

The PrayerGuard ministry fits well with DGM’s Undivided Heart, material and training. Both guide individuals to trust in God’s love, to embrace the belonging and security you can only find in Him. Both ministries focus on the process of learning to receive God’s heart:  healthy and whole or Undivided Heart.  

The best thing about this ministry is that it is FREE. If you are interested in becoming a client or want to learn more about the healing prayer ministry contact Kathi Kingma, Director at (971) 236-7722. Leave a message and Kathi will return your call as soon as possible.

Spiritual Direction

PrayerGuard begins the healing process, helping you become aware of God’s heart and purpose for you. To continue your spiritual journey, Diana provides one-on-one Spiritual Direction, using the tools found in the Undivided Heart workbooks, to help you gain the skills you need to walk confidently in courage, joy, and freedom.

What are we working on?

Are you looking for a dynamic study for your Bible Study or Small Group?  Amanda L. Greene, DGM’s Editor and volunteer Manager is doing freelance curriculum writing for DGM including writing a Study Guide for Where is the Water?, an Extraordinary in the Ordinary book encouraging us to see and hear God in our everyday lives.

This multifaceted Study Guide will include not only discussion questions, but also opportunities for readers to reflect, pray, study scripture, and engage in activities all of which encourage seeing and hearing God’s constant interaction with us and our world.

Amanda will share more about this study and its progress in future monthly updates.

Please pray for:

  • Those attending our once a month Saturday morning Undivided Heart, Book One trainings at River Rock.
  • Our continued work on the: Where is the Water? Study Guide.
  • Upcoming conferences this Fall in October. (More on this next month)
    • Planning the conferences
    • Speaker’s preparation for the conferences
    • Those attending the conferences

Let Us Hear from YOU

From what we just shared, what are you most excited about?