“I haven’t painted in years! Not that this was actually painting. . . but it has inspired me to get my paints out. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it!” A busy schedule had forced a Mom in my Undivided Heart spring classes to put aside her passion, but now she resolved to change that, as she signed up for Fall classes.

I know my Undivided Heart classes give many people a new perspective on their everyday decisions. But I was not expecting what painting the Emotional Wheel would do for this busy Mom.

The Emotional Wheel, a tool from my Undivided Heart workbooks, explains how we normally move through emotions and how to work through them in a healthy and Biblical way. Everyone enjoys the painting session because it allows them to visually see how their emotions affect their behavior. Many people hang this helpful tool up in their home or office, as a reminder to live out their dreams.

When we finished up our spring classes at River Rock and Gresham Community Church, we launched into preparing for a busy Fall season.

Preparing for Fall Classes

First on our agenda was to prepare for a Fall conference. We will be answering the question: “What’s next? What do you have for me now, Lord?” If you are a woman over 50 or if you are a woman who wants to glean wisdom from God’s beautiful older women, then I hope you will join us at the Masterpiece Conference on October 20th at Grace Community Church in Gresham, OR. Come discover God’s Master Design for your life.

My breakout session is called:

Stolen Art: Recovering Our Relevance in the Master’s Design

I will be talking about the lies we believe that keep us from living the life God has designed for us.

Also this fall, we are getting ready to do an Undivided Heart training at Foothills Community Church in Molalla, OR (http://www.foothillsonline.com/classes-and-events/) as apart of their Tuesday Night Teaching. Classes will be from 6:30 pm until 8 pm.  The Fall classes will cover the first half of Book One.

Order a book! And join us as we work toward better relationships in this coming school year!

If you are in the vicinity of Chehalis, WA, I will be speaking at Bethel Church on Veterans Day: Monday, November 12th for their MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting. Being the Thanksgiving season, I will be talking about gratitude not in spite of but because of the season of Motherhood that encouraged this blessing from my husband:

“May your floors be forever dirty.

May your laundry basket never be empty.

And may there always be someone at your table yelling,

“Mom, I’m hungry!”

I don’t know about you but summer has flown by! We are excited about what God is going to do in the coming months.

 Please Pray for:

  • Those attending, leading, and participating in the Masterpiece Conference
  • Where is the Water? Study Guide: that we will meet our publishing deadline
  •  Undivided Heart, Book One Fall classes: that they will be well attended and pray for those who are attending

Would you like any more information on events, books or classes that was not included in this update? Email us your questions. We would be happy to answer any questions.