Christmas Shopping!

Christmas shopping! It’s that time of year!

I headed to the mall to look for Christmas T-shirts. I chose a store to explore, but quickly became frustrated, because there was not a sign of Christmas anywhere. Then I heard within me,

“Go across the hall.”

I obeyed and discovered the store was closing! The place was in chaos!

The merchandise was no longer in order. Men’s and women’s clothing were mixed together. Different types of clothing were hung on the same rack or thrown in a heap on shelves. What a mess! I was overwhelmed. Besides that, there was no sales help; they were at the registers or busy moving merchandise out of storage.

No T-shirts, but finally I found some Christmas PJ’s: too long! Consequently, I started a conversation with God:

“Lord, these PJ’s are not going to work. They would fit me. See,” holding them up to me, “they are too long for my Mom. This place is overwhelming, so chaotic. The sales people are busy. I need your help. You know where, in all this mess, I can find some petite PJ’s for Mom. Would you please help me?”

Immediately, I hear, “Have you looked over there?”

“Over where?”

“That stack of shelves across the room. Right in front of you.”

I walked over. It was a sorted mess!

“But where Lord. Where do I look?”

“Look on the bottom shelf, under some of the clothes.”

I looked exactly where He told me. Hence, I found pretty blue, flannel PJs with gold outlines of stars on them….medium/petite. Perfect for Mom!

“Thank you!”

My Christmas shopping done,  I headed for the check out!


I knew this was more than how to do Christmas shopping!  Therefore, when I got into the truck, I asked God, “What are you trying to show me?”

Quit hiding the gifts, the blessing I have given you. It is not cheating. You hear me…clearly…I need you to tune into that ability.”

“Hiding?” I had to think about that.

I trust in Him, listen and respond for the little things like finding Christmas presents. Accordingly, do I listen, trust and respond for the bigger things in my life?  Will I follow through when He asks me to step out in faith; to follow Him when I am not sure where we are going?

I want to. He tells me I already know how: apply that same faith of finding Christmas clothes to the the big things of my life. Because, really, “little things”  … “big things”, they all the same to Him.

How about you? Do you believe God cares enough to direct your “big things”, as much as the “little things”?

Why not decide to give it a try? Apply the same trust in Him you have for the little things to the big things in your life. Use the blessings He has given you, follow His lead.  He will show you exactly what He wants you to do, because it is all the same to Him.