“Why am I afraid to tell you who I am? I am afraid to tell you who I am,
because you might not like me and it is the only Me I have.”

Why am I afraid to tell you who I am? By John Powell
Marion Women’s Retreat Cannon Beach 2019

Courageous Hearts

The dynamics of our weekend together at the Marion Women’s Retreat in Cannon Beach started with an activity. The women bridged their hearts by becoming more open, honest and vulnerable in revealing who they were.

Once they spoke the above quote to each other, they demonstrated care through an agreed upon hug, high five, or smile of love.

The women embraced Courageous Hearts by risking being known through honest and open communication. They participated in the activity to express their courage to reach out to one another.

The women gathered with their sister, daughter, mother and/or friend of many years. The relationships in our meeting room showed the Father’s love poured through generations. My team and I were touched by how the women showed a great deal of grace and support for one another.

As the Holy Spirit filled the lodge, through the worship music, the Lord revealed hearts bridging to one another through a close relationship with Him.

Interconnected Relationships


On Saturday night, through the use of shoe boxes, we built a bridge demonstrating how relationships interconnect. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing both in ourselves and each other allows us to work together in grace, during times of long suffering, as the Lord accomplishes through us a BIGGER PICTURE of his purposes.

We acknowledged that deep and lasting relationships require a tremendous amount of trust not only in God, but in each other. “A cord of three strands (that) is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12


Bridges of Trust in God

We left the weekend understanding that Bridges of Trust build the fruits of the Spirit: God’s character, not only in ourselves, but within the relationships he has ordained in our lives.

Relationship Building

Most importantly, our time together was not spent entirely inside. Most of us took advantage of the glorious sunny weather to walk on the beach, deepen our conversations, and enjoy God’s creation.

Freedom in Him
Diana Greene Ministries Retreat Team
Welcome Basket

Our team wishes to thank the Marion Women’s Retreat Team for their hospitality. We appreciated the two parking spots out front! They made our lives easier, as we set up retreat materials. We also appreciated the potted roses and the organic fruit basket full of goodies. It was a wonderful Spirit filled weekend!