Easter Traditions

What were your Easter traditions growing up?

For me, Easter as a little kid brimmed with traditions. Though we didn’t go to church during the year, we squeezed into pews on Easter Sunday dressed in gloves, hat, and little purses.

Four Day Holiday

In Canada, Easter represents a four day national holiday. Everyone celebrates from Friday through Monday. Good Friday starts with a trip to the local bakery for hot cross buns. Saturday meant coloring eggs and preparing the house for the big celebration. Easter focused on food, family, friends and a party! Everyone, including the adults hunted for eggs.

Good Friday and Hot Cross Buns

Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns!

When we moved to Montana, snow covered the ground. No matter. Spring dresses and an Easter hat were a must!  AND I carried a special note to school excusing me from afternoon classes on Good Friday.

I carried THAT tradition into my own family. Pulling the boys out of school on Good Friday to stay home and help me bake fresh hot cross buns! It was an opportunity to explain the meaning of the cross on each bun and to review every year the Resurrection story.

The boys have continued that family tradition except now my eldest son’s wife, Amanda, makes organic, gluten free hot cross buns every year!

New life! Luke, Amanda, Zach

He is Risen!

I love the Easter morning greeting as we all pile into the car headed for church,

“He is Risen!”

“He is Risen indeed!”

What Easter traditions do you celebrate with family and friends?