Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Embracing the Extraordinary in Everyday Moments

Are you hungry to hear God’s gentle voice? Are you ready to interact with Him in unexpected moments? In each inspirational chapter of the Extraordinary in the Ordinary books, you will travel with Diana through ordinary days that become spiritually stretching experiences full of God’s presence. You will identify with her fears, frustrations, joys, and tears as she weaves a dialogue of mystery and surrender. Each unique, easy-to-read story, includes Diana’s reflections on her encounters with God, as well as questions and scripture verses to guide and encourage the reader. These short stories are great for group study, personal devotions, and make a perfect gift for any occasion, as they will encourage the reader to see and hear the way God speaks to each of us in our everyday lives.

This book sure packs a punch of truth. It filled me to overflowing with anticipation for what God is going to do next, as we come out of the “winter” of our lives. Diana has the ability to tell through everyday stories how God works in individual lives of those willing to listen to Him and obey. Sit down and read with the expectation that God will speak to you through Winter Has Passed.

Mark Hazen

Associate Pastor

Do you wonder where God is in your everyday life? Do you find yourself spiritually surviving not thriving? In Where is the Water? Diana shares about a season when she felt abandoned by God. Beyond scripture verses and other people’s experiences, she desired to once again to hear God’s voice. In a spiritually dry season, she was left asking: “Where is the Water?”

This book is for those in a spiritual dessert, looking for a way to come back to the living fountain of God’s presence. Or for those who are thirsty to hear God’s voice for the first time. If you are wondering “Where is the Water?” find the abundant well in these pages.

Do you need God to show up in an unexpected way? Are you struggling to find hope and joy? In Winter Has Passed, Diana shares when she had to surrender to God’s timing. You will discover how God turns sorrows into joys and winters into springs, as Diana learns the surprising ways God answers prayers.

This book is for those who are looking for hope, peace, and comfort. Read Winter Has Passed, you will find the hope of spring in your season of winter.

Diana Greene’s journey with the Lord draws you into a desire for more: more listening, more attending, and more awareness of how close our Lord Jesus really is to each of us. Take time to let the water soak into your soul. Drink deep. Remain in his presence. He really does care for you. You can’t miss that message in Where is the Water?

Bev Hislop

Doctor of Ministry, Associate Professor of Pastoral Care to Women, Western Seminary, Portland

God used Winter Has Passed to lavish the hope of God’s sovereignty onto the story and situations I am in the midst of now. Diana’s book will have you hungry to listen for God’s gentle whispers of spring in your own personal stories and reflecting on His intimate involvement in the details of your life.

Sue Hazen

Pastor's Wife