Undivided Heart

Bridging My Relationship with Myself, Others and God

Do you want a stronger relationship with God? Do you wonder why you think or behave the way you do? Are you ready to resolve internal or external conflict that plagues your relationship(s)?  These workbooks are for those who want transformational change and spiritual maturity of personal wholeness and healing. After completing the Undivided Heart workbooks you have a greater understanding of yourself, better communication and relationship with God, and can create and maintain stronger relationships with others.

I’m breaking down my personal barriers in God’s path for me…..During the class, the integration of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exercises revealed deficits in these four areas, and then highlighted corrective actions for eliminating problem behaviors.

Claire Cunningham

Speech Pathologist Assistant, Roseburg, OR

Undivided Heart, Book One and Two is a twelve-step, two-volume workbook that provides the necessary tools to identify the feelings connected with stressful events. They help individuals name and categorize the effect emotions have on a person’s well-being. They assist participants in working through events, feelings, and beliefs that have one stuck in behaviors that are detrimental to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Diana’s spiritual development workbooks: Undivided Heart, Book One and Two are endorsed by Gerry Breshears, PhD(theology), and Norm Thiesen, PhD, (psychology) of Western Seminary, Portland, OR.

Renew your hope by discovering your true identity in Christ. Undivided Heart, Book One provides tools to help identify your struggles, values, and beliefs. This workbook guides you through past experiences and discloses the lies you believe about yourself that spark negative emotions that influence your choices. It reveals the scriptural truths which free you from these negative thoughts and behaviors. By the end of this workbook, you have the tools to move forward living in love, joy, peace, and self-control.

What amazed me about Diana’s Undivided Heart series is that it gave me an opportunity to not be stuck in negative emotions. At the time that I met Diana, I was going through counseling. I was familiar with the feelings wheel she presents in her classes, but all I realized was where I was. Stuck! As I went through the Undivided Heart series, I realized I did not have to stay there. Undivided Heart gave me the tools to get out. It gave me hope for the future.  I plan to use Undivided Heart to bring hope and encouragement to others, as they walk through very similar situations.

Amanda Wiles

Women’s Leader and Co-Owner of Kestrel Meadow Alpaca, Eagle Creek, OR

Create and maintain stronger relationships with others. Undivided Heart, Book Two shows you levels of communication that hinder or enhance relationships. You learn to identify the characteristics of emotionally and spiritually healthy people and how to overcome offenses. By the end of your study, you are able to let God guide you through conflict situations, leading you to healthier personal choices, and stronger relationships with others.

This transformational spiritual journey can be done through…


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