Christian Spiritual Formation

Feeling confused, hopeless, or fearful? Talk with someone who can help you gain clarity, hope, and peace.  Through spiritual formation, you can learn to walk in freedom, attaining the skills and motivation to lead your life with confidence.

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What is spiritual formation?

Spiritual formation provides you with a coach who can help you through current or past events that are preventing you from the full-life God desires for you.

In spiritual formation sessions, Diana uses her diverse training and the tools found in her Undivided Heart workbooks to guide individuals through personal stories of conflict or pain. Diana asks specific questions targeting the root of the internal or external problem. Then with a trained ear and wisdom from God, she provides insight grounded in Biblical truths.

By working with Diana, you are not only receiving guidance for your current issue, you are being equipped with the skills, to handle future conflict independently and with confidence. Through spiritual formation with Diana you acquire the freedom, courage and motivation to move forward in your journey with God toward spiritual maturity.

Diana Greene is truly passionate about assisting people to connect with themselves and with God.

When I have been troubled about making an important decision, the Holy Spirit led me to Diana for spiritual direction. She is like a coach that is in tune with her players and the rules of the game. Diana asks a series of questions with the goal of raising awareness of the underlying source of pain. This “bringing it all to Jesus” atmosphere creates a real focus for me to align my natural mind with the interior truth revealed by His Holy Spirit. This surrender, in turn, releases the peace that passes understanding. I would not have achieved this without Diana’s unique guidance.

I am grateful to have Diana Greene as a mentor and a friend. My life has been blessed through the efforts of Diana Greene Ministries, LLC.

Amber Guillen

Mother, wife, accountant, and business owner

God has used Diana in a powerful way in my life to lead me through the swirling waters of transitions into a deeper and more profound walk with him. Diana has a unique combination of gifts. She has the ability to hear and listen to God’s voice as she’s counsels. She asks questions that help dig into the root of a problem rather than just the surface issues. She also has seminary training which enables her to guide others through crisis. I truly do not know where I’d be in my walk with the Lord if God had not brought her into my life.

Julie Hardisty

Attorney at Law, Pleasant Hill, CA

Diana Greene’s Background

Diana has formal training in psychology from Oregon State University and graduate courses in counseling from Southern Arkansas University. She graduated with a MA from Western Seminary in Specialized Ministry. Diana continues to grow in knowledge in her field through training, participation, and partnership with other ministries.

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How do I get started with Spiritual Formation?

Sessions are done over the phone, in person, or a combination depending on the needs of the individual. The first spiritual formation session is typically an hour and a half, thereafter, they are a little longer than an hour.

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