Undivided Heart Training

Gain Skills: resolve conflict, make effective decisions, build healthy relationships

Diana’s enthusiastic story-telling will have you laughing and looking for the tissue box, as she honestly shares about her personal spiritual growth. For over twenty-five years, Diana has encouraged others to become aware of God’s movement and communication in their daily lives. She has recruited and trained evangelical teams and sustained numerous Bible Study meetings throughout the northwest. She has also organized and presented at retreats for teens and adults focusing on an intimate, everyday walk with Jesus.

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What a delight to get to sit under the tutelage of Diana Greene. Her passion for the Lord’s people comes across in her teaching, speaking and presentation style. You find yourself not only filled but impassioned to help people be healed and become all they can be in Christ Jesus. Her ability to speak to today’s cultural issues in a Biblical way, causes you to have an “aah-haa” revelation/conviction moment in your heart, where you then can move toward the higher call of Jesus Christ not only in your life, but help others to do so in their lives.

Rev. Leslie D. Nelson

Exec. Dir./Founder, Heart of the Savior Ministries, Inc.

Diana has a dynamic teaching style that helped me to change my outlook on life’s circumstances. In her Undivided Heart classes, Diana used ordinary elements to illustrate deep concepts. For example, a simple glass of water brought meaning to the abstract idea of perspective. Learning how I developed my core values and priorities allowed me to understand why I was feeling conflicted and overwhelmed. Her inspired lessons continually remind me to be a whole person, bringing balance to body, soul, and spirit.

Amber Guillen

Co-Owner and Accountant, Book Entry Tech

Diana teaches and presents on the concepts found in her Undivided Heart workbooks and her Extraordinary in the Ordinary book series.

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